For 2011 I have decided to place the images on the site in a single gallery. This somewhat mixes the styles as I do quite a bit of experimentation. There is detailed comment on the pictures if you scroll down on the "bigpic" page.

bigpic301 sleeping_beauty4

bigpic302 urth41_v3

bigpic303 urth41_v5

bigpic304 circ_grad20_v10

bigpic305 circ_grad20_v2

bigpic306 circ_grad20_v20

bigpic307 snake19_v6

bigpic308 dbl_snake12_v7

bigpic309 flutterbyA_71_v1

bigpic310 ishA_20_v1

bigpic311 fishA_20_v2

bigpic312 fish_grade1 15

bigpic313 fishA_20_v4

bigpic314 waves_land22_v8

bigpic315 waves_land22_v12

bigpic316 waves_land23_v3

Prints are available on a custom basis. Also mugs. See main page.

Click on bigpic to see a larger image and commentary on the image.